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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the LiveLife Mobile Alarm

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LiveLife Mobile Alarm – What is it?

The LiveLife Mobile Alarm provides you and your loved ones peace of mind knowing that help is just a press of a button away. By pressing the SOS button it will call up to 5 of your chosen emergency contacts as well as sending text messages showing the users location via built-in GPS and Google Maps. (CREATE LINKS). You have the ability to choose to send both calls and texts during an emergency, or only the text messages.

Does the LiveLife Mobile Alarm use a Monitoring or Call Centre?

No. You choose the emergency contacts which are normally trusted family and friends, or even a neighbour. You are able to include 911 as a contact. Because you are not using a monitoring service, there are no monthly fees! You do not have to use all 5 contacts, you can use less if you want.

Is the LiveLife Mobile Alarm only for Seniors living at home alone?

This alarm is ideal for the elderly living at home alone and are still active enough to go outdoors by themselves. Also a perfect solution for someone who needs a medical alarm, but does not have a landline. The alarm is also used by people who work alone. Workers who may need to call for help quickly and people with disabilities. See our Applications Page for more details. 

Does the Alarm have to connect to a Mobile Network?

Yes. The device works like a mobile phone so it needs to connect to a mobile phone network. At the time of your purchase, we install an activated prepaid SIM card from a mobile network. We will check your address on the coverage maps to advise you of your best option for a mobile carrier.

Is it really expensive to use a Mobile Network?

No. The included prepaid SIM card should last for up to one year as long as the alarm is used primarily as a medical alert and GPS location device, and not as a cell phone.

Can you speak and listen through the alarm pendant?

Yes. The pendant uses a built-in microphone and speakerphone which allows the user to speak hands free. The sound is clear and high quality. The pendant will automatically go into “speakerphone mode” when a call for help is answered. You can end the call sequence by pressing the help button again.





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