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These Media Articles are about “Cooking Fires” in the news.

 April 2, 2015 – ‘Unattended cooking’ cause of fire that killed 10 year old in Scarborough


‘When you are cooking, always stay in the kitchen,’ says fire marshal after tragic death.

A fire in a Scarborough townhouse that killed a 10 year old boy was caused by unattended cooking, Ontario’s fire marshal confirmed on Thursday.

Mark Mrochuk was pronounced dead on March 28 after firefighters put out the fire at the townhouse where he lived with his parents and three younger siblings.

Preliminary findings indicate the fire originated in the kitchen, on the stove, and then extended up the staircase to the second floor – trapping the victims on the second floor and blocking their escape down the stairs, said the fire marshal.

Firefighters were called to the three-storey, Toronto Community Housing townhouse on Kingston Road, between Galloway Road and Lawrence Avenue East, around 5:15 a.m., and rescued victims from the fire.

“Unattended cooking is the leading source of ignition in home fires and the second leading source in fatal fires,” said a release be the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management. “With the upcoming holiday weekend, (we) would like to remind all Ontario families that when you are cooking, always stay in the kitchen.” CBC News

March 25, 2015 – About 20 people were evacuated from Souls Harbour rescue mission on Thursday morning after fire alarms went off. They were allowed to return when smoke was cleared. The problem turned out to be a pot left in an oven. (Adrian Cheung/CBC)


There were some tense moments for people at Regina’s Souls Harbour this morning when smoke forced them to leave the rescue mission soup kitchen.

Alarms started going off at 1836 Halifax Street around 6:12 a.m. CST. When fire crews arrived moments later, they started evacuating the building.

About 20 people were forced to leave their rooms, but were allowed back in a short time later.

A pot had been left in the oven and had overheated, causing some smoke in the kitchen area, according to firefighters.

No one was hurt and damage was minor.

February 23, 2015 – Regina has a problem when it comes to careless cooking. The number of fires where careless cooking was the cause has increased steadily over the past decade.


Angela Prawzick, Regina’s Public Education Officer for Regina’s Fire and Protective Services says “Careless cooking is our leading cause of fires. Over the last 10 years we have had 468 fires caused by careless cooking, close to $4 Million dollars woth of damage and one person has died..”

“If we look at what is causing our cooking related fires, the number one cause is people cooking and leaving the kitchen. They are distracted.. in this day and age we are all very busy and we are multi-tasking. People may get called away to help their children. They may get called to look at their computer, iPhone, to answer the telephone. We have seen all of these behaviors happening here in the city and those are the things that result in a stove fire. The best way to prevent it is to simply stay in the kitchen.”

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January 23, 2015 – ‘Careless Cooking’ cause of massive apartment fire in Regina. Damage estimated at $4 Million.


Regina fire officials say “careless cooking” was the cause of the Jan 9th fire that left dozens homeless and caused major damage to an apartment building.

None of the residents were hurt, but two people had to be rescued from the suite and two firefighters received minor injuries fighting the blaze.

On Friday, fire officials said the fire broke out when somebody left a stove unattended with the burners on.

It then appears that heat from the burners ignited some cooking oil or other combustible material nearby. The resulting fire spread up to the ceiling through a gap next to the over vent and spread into the attic.

“We’re not fully sure that it originated in a pot full of oil or some other kind of combustible material adjacent to that pot of oil,” Gerard Kay, deputy fire chief, said Friday.

The smoke detector went off and the resident at the suite realized there was a fire.

Total damage is estimated at $4 Million.

It’s the latest in a series of fires in the city caused by pots left on the stove or other cooking related incidents.

According to the fire department, 468 homes in Regina were damaged or destroyed by fires caused by careless cooking over the past 10 years. One person died.

Key said fire officials are now working with university researchers to study the reason behine forgotten or unattended kitchens.

“Is it the modern technology? Is it the telephone rings> Or is is just the TV’s on and you get caught up on the show?” Kay Said “There’s a multitude of different things.”


Water was still being poured on the destroyed apartment building on Parliament Avenue late in the evening on Jan. 9. (Kevin O’Connor/CBC)


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