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  • About Stove Guard International Ltd. We are a family business that was formed in 2006. We are based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • Our patented products are made in North America and fulfill the needs of customers across North America.
  • We distribute the CookStop line of automatic stove shut off devices for electric stoves and the Guardian for Natural Gas/Propane stoves. These devices use the latest in technology to help people remain independent in their homes for longer. 
  • We recognized that “Unattended”, “Careless” and “Forgotten Cooking” is the #1 cause of residential fires and cooking fire fatalities in North America.
  • Fire Prevention Officers have tested Stove Guard and recommend it’s use in every home.
  • Occupational Therapists and Home Care Workers recommend our cooking safety devices to their clients on a daily basis.
  • People of all ages have found these automatic stove shut off products to be useful in practically every home situation. When device is installed in their kitchen, they and their family have peace-of-mind knowing that such a safety device is installed and protecting their loved ones.
  • Stove Guard International Ltd. values the relationships we have made helping our many customers protect themselves and their loved ones against dangerous stove top fires.
  • Stove Guard International Ltd. prides itself in providing excellent customer service. We are committed to providing customer satisfaction. 

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