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About GlassOuse

GlassOuse is an assistive device designed to help people who cannot use technology due to limited abilities. GlassOuse gives them more control of their computers, phones and smart TVs.

As the very first example of its kind, GlassOuse is a special mouse created alternatively for those who have trouble using their gadgets with any other input devices. As a Bluetooth mouse featuring built-in motion sensor, GlassOuse was designed to control the cursor with slight head movements and maximum accuracy while allowing the user to click by a bite or press of the lips on a blue “bite-click” button in the first version.

After it’s succesful Indegogo campaign run, GlassOuse V1.1 has been used by thousands of people to connect technology in homes, schools, rehab centers, hospitals and support communities. Worn as regular glasses, GlassOuse helped many with its easy-for-daily-use while operating computers, phones, tablets and Smart TVs.

Next generation, GlassOuse V1.2 offers a great selection of switch options to customize itself as a based-on-the-need device in assistive tech world. Crafted to be more flexible, GlassOuse V1.2 can be used with or without compatible switch options based on desired usage. This greater customization allows different patient groups to use the device effectively. GlassOuse’s new adaptable switch options, G-Switch Series, are available to be used both with GlassOuse perfectly and as separate switch controls for other devices. G-Switch Series offer three options as Bite Switch, Puff SwitchFinger Switch and Foot Switch. All switch options come with a mono 3.5mm jack connector and use short circuit low signals, allowing them to be used hassle-free for a variety of uses.

As in the first version of GlassOuse, renowned Bite Switch became more durable and stable now. Having been tested 100,000 times under 3 tons of pressure, the switch button mechanism is designed to be as long-lasting for daily use. Its flexible cable allow users to adjust the switch position according to their use and a certified non-carcinogenic waterproof silicone cover protects the switch part.

Another option is a newer technology to its kind – Puff Switch. Unlike the usual sip-and-puff systems, G-Switch Series’ Puff Switch has an electronic system allowing the users to do clicking actions via simple puffs. Working with a coin size battery, the built-in microphone of Puff Switch has a blow trigger converting the frequencies derived from puffing action into signals automatically to do the clicks. The switch’s smart battery system turns the device off each 3 hours if it is not used and battery replacement is as easy as changing your remote controls’ batteries.

Finger Switch comes with a highly sensitive switch button that can be mounted on a touch fastener strap or any kind of fabric surface with its sticky bottom and allow its users to do clicking action with any part of their body. With its long cable, Finger Switch can be used in different positions – with your finger, with your arm and even with your head. Simply wrap the touch fastener strap around and stick it onto it. Pretty simple.

In this era of touch to communicate, GlassOuse continues its journey to meet the needs of a wide variety of people having difficulty to connect to the world. To reach out more and more people in need, the team behind the concept encourages individuals and professionals in Assistive Tech community to be a part of this ongoing challenge – to make it more successful than ever!


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