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The best Kitchen Fire Prevention System

Prevent cooking fires with Stove Guard.

stove fire prevention system


Call for FREE SHIPPING during Fire Prevention Week! Oct 4 to 10th. Protect your loved ones Today! 888-607-8683.

We are currently updating this website. Some pages will be under construction. Please call 888-607-8683 to order. Thank you!

At Stove Guard International Ltd., we make the best quality kitchen fire prevention systems on the market – our systems even come recommended by Fire Prevention Officers! Protecting kitchens across North America, our cooking fire prevention systems offer safety for regular ranges, electric cooktop models and even natural gas stoves!







Kitchen fires due to cooking oil or grease igniting into flames cause the fastest-spreading and most destructive type of residential fire.


Stove Guard International Ltd. has been in the business of making stovetop fire protection units for over 15 years, and to date, our Guardian product is the only patented stove guard item on the market. At Stove Guard – we make products you can trust!


The NEW iGuardStove Model is now available for Electric Stand Alone Stoves that use a 3 or 4 prong plug. The 3 prong is available in the USA Only.  Please call us at 888-607-8683 to order and be sure to check out the new features Here!


Once you install your iGuardStove Device, please go HERE to set up your Online Account.


Cooking fires on rise as top safety risk in home!


By Jennifer O'Brien, The London Free Press


You keep your eyes on the road. But do you keep them on your stove?


Cooking fires are on the rise in London, freeping back up to 47 last year. The  city's fire chief blames the distracted world we live in.


He's not alone: A senior official with Fire Prevention Canada also so says fires caused by cooking are increasing.

"People are leaving their stoves unattended...walking away, forgetting. "We've all got cordless phones or cellphones - you get engrossed in the conversation, you have 5,000 things to do. We all get distracted.


Cooking was the top cause of fires London firefighters responded to in 2012. There were 47 cooking fires in one year alone.


"Cooking fires are the issue," Kobarda said.


The issue is not unique to London, said Peter Adamakos, general manage for Fire Prevention Canada. "We are finding there are more fires caused by cooking than previously," he said.





Shown here, 4 prong plug Power Box and Control Unit.


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Please note the Guardian Models are no longer available.  This shopping cart will be updated in the near future. Please call toll free @ 888-607-8683 to order the new iGuardStove. Thank you!   iGuardStove - For Electric Stoves with 3 and 4 prong plug configu ...



    Please note we are out of stock on this product until further notice. We will be uploading the new product shortly!   ...



  Newly Introduced Stove Guard for natural Gas Stoves   * Not designed for use with Propane Gas Stoves or Space Heaters or stoves with a pilot light. The Guardian Natural Gas model is a safety device for use with natural gas stoves. It turns the gas s...


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USA Patent No. 6130413 Conforms to UL 464 and Certified to CSA C22.1 No. 205. Stove Guard uses QAI, (Certification Testing Inspection), accredited to the Standards Council of Canada and IAS, (International Accredited Standards Association) to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems. About QAI