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The best Kitchen Fire Prevention System

Prevent cooking fires with Stove Guard.

stove fire prevention system






We are currently updating this website. Some pages will be under construction. Please continue shopping. Thank you!

At Stove Guard International, we make the best quality kitchen fire prevention systems on the market – our systems even come recommended by Fire Prevention Officers! Protecting kitchens across North America, our cooking fire prevention systems offer safety for regular ranges, electric cooktop models and even natural gas stoves!

Our products are extremely effective and useful. As Fire Prevention Canada (FIPRECAN) states,

Kitchen fires due to cooking oil or grease igniting into flames cause the fastest-spreading and most destructive type of residential fire.


Stove Guard has been in the business of making stovetop fire protection units for over 15 years, and to date, our Guardian product is the only patented stove guard item on the market. At Stove Guard – we make products you can trust!


Protect your client’s independence and assets with iGuardStove! 

iGuardStove automatically detects Unattended Cooking by monitoring movement in the kitchen.

If iGuardStove senses that the cooking has been forgotten it will automatically turn the stove off preventing a fire!

Occupational Therapists have many different types of clients that need to be protected. This device can help clients with brain injuries stay safe while being independent in their own homes. It can also protect others when the home is shared with family members.

  • Collects and transmits Data on history of cooking habits to determine changing memory and health care requirements for your client
  • Ties in with Home Assessment and adaptation of current equipment in the home
  • Great for Home Modifications due to it’s ease of install. For most models, no electrician is needed
  • Access Stove controls from any Internet connection and you can access multiple accounts right from your desk
  • Protect Structures and Lives and costly smoke and fire damage
  • Insurance companies typically cover the costs for brain injury patients and other related clients*
  • Allow Family members access via a Guest Access feature*
  • Customizable time Lock out feature disables the stove remotely*
  • Customizable Nurse Call feature available

And Best of all…It’s easy to install and easy use!!





  GUARDIAN Model Stove Guard for Regular Range   * This Model does not require an electrician to be installed.   NOTE: Because of the intricate design and electrical configuration of some newer stoves with Convection Ovens and Induction Cookt ...



  Guardian Model for Electric Cook Tops   SGIL has acted on the supportive feedback received from both the market & fire prevention experts to produce the new upgraded Stove Guard GUARDIAN models. The 2 new Guardian models are available in electr...



  Newly Introduced Stove Guard for natural Gas Stoves   * Not designed for use with Propane Gas Stoves or Space Heaters or stoves with a pilot light. The Guardian Natural Gas model is a safety device for use with natural gas stoves. It turns the gas s...


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USA Patent No. 6130413 Conforms to UL 464 and Certified to CSA C22.1 No. 205. Stove Guard uses QAI, (Certification Testing Inspection), accredited to the Standards Council of Canada and IAS, (International Accredited Standards Association) to ensure the quality and safety of their products, processes and systems. About QAI




For large orders for Canadian and U.S. strata  or condo complexes

our products can be leased rather than using Contingency Funds. 

Contact iGuardFire for more information

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Why is Stove Guard's Kitchen Fire Prevention System the best?

Don't be misled by lower priced imitations. There is only one Stove Guard that is a patented, proven and tested cooking fire prevention system! We've been doing this for over 15 years.

The new Stove Guard Guardian Model will do the following:

  1. Helps prevent kitchen fires by shutting off power to stovetop and oven when left unattended.
  2. Guardian model works with gas stoves (as well as others). Helps with the prevention of cooking fires by turning off the gas valve when the present time has expired.
  3. Works with both regular, ceramic cook tops and natural gas stoves.
  4. Stove Guard controls the oven as well as the cooking surface.
  5. Saves on electricity, Stove Guard shuts off the electrical power to the stove after the set time expires.
  6. Maintains regular heat on all elements, will not reduce temperature that will extend cooking time and be the accidental cause of serious burns.
  7. Will not spray messy chemical fire retardant onto an open flame, no mess to clean up.
  8. Protects against kitchen fires by turning off the stove before a fire starts, eliminating property damage and clean-up costs.
  9. Saves you money: no electrician is required to install Stove Guard onto a regular electric stove.
  10. Guardian model has an audible beeper that will advise you that the stove has shut off.
  11. It will remember the last timer setting, no need to reset it after a power failure.
  12. It has a PASSWORD lock safety feature, it can be locked for extra safety.

NOTE: Sprinkler Systems work well for most fires, however, water should never be sprayed on a grease fire.